About Us

Kiddy Nursery Primary School successfully running since 30 years. At Kiddy Nursery Primary School we give our students the FREEDOM TO THINK and we EMPOWER them TO BE... School Motto: Freedom to think. Empower to be...

We are dedicated to fulfilling every child’s educational and developmental needs in a safe and caring environment conducive to learning and teaching. We aim to create responsible, global citizens who show understanding, compassion and acceptance of the differences in the world. We strive to ensure that every child in our care is empowered to make choices and encouraged to contribute to our community.

Our Specialities

  • Homely atmosphere.
  • English speaking atmosphere.
  • Education of general awareness.
  • Religious & cultural education.
  • Well qualified & trained teaching staff.
  • Yoga, music, dance & game for the development of the student.
  • Education by Smart Class.
  • Celebration of every international, national, religious festival.
  • Celebration of special days like colour days, swimming day, dance competitions, debate competitions, best dress competition, essay competition etc.
  • Fully covered building with proper cross ventilation & natural sunlight systems.

Our Core Values


We value fostering a passion for lifelong learning by acquiring skills and content required for successful and critical thinkers.


We value treating others the way we ourselves like to be treated.

Social Responsibility

We value the ideas that individuals have the ability to change the world and the group has the power to make this a reality.


We value igniting the spark of creativity and curiosity in our students.


We value celebrating an accomplishment, be it big or small.

Contact Us

Infront of Swami Vivekanand Park,

Tel: 0532-2502575, 9415317004
Email: anamika_mukerji@yahoo.co.in